Our Story

Theotokos Collection is a fruit of prayer and an outcome of deep devotion to Mother Mary.

For us everything begins and ends in prayer. We follow Lectio Divina to deepen our understanding of the Scripture it helps one exercise the First Commandment and leads one to an intimate dialogue with God through his Word. This lifestyle of prayer has propelled our friendship with Jesus to the next level and now we are sharing it with you through our apparel collection.

The apparel we offer fit the entire family: from toddlers and youth to adults and are a way of sharing our faith and deepening our friendship with Jesus.

Theotokos Collection is a tribute to the woman who said yes to God’s plan and inspires us to follow her words in J 2:5: "Do whatever he tells you." 

About Theotokos Collection

Meaning of Theotokos:

Theotokos (Θεοτόκος) means "Mother of God" in Greek.


We hear a lot of interpretations of the pronunciation of the name, the most common being "thee-ott-oh-kos". The official pronunciation is "thee-owe-/-toke-oss."